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Being Punjabi

Soya Granules | Being Punjabi | Traditional Punjabi Dish | Rich in Protein | 315g

Soya Granules | Being Punjabi | Traditional Punjabi Dish | Rich in Protein | 315g

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If chunks are not your style, you can always crush them into granules and get a completely different form of soya without compromising on anything else. Introducing Being Punjabi Soya Granules. These humble crushed nuggets, crafted from nature's finest soy, rewrite the script on plant-based protein, offering a unique twist on Punjabi classics and unlocking a world of flavorful possibilities.

Imagine tiny sun-soaked treasures with a satisfying crunch underfoot, revealing a soft, protein-rich heart within. Each granule whispers of earthy sweetness, delicately accented by the warmth of Punjabi spices. This dance of texture and taste isn't just fleeting; it lingers, leaving you craving the next sun-kissed bite.

But Being Punjabi Soya Granules are more than just delicious. They are culinary chameleons, effortlessly adapting to any dish they encounter. Simmered in a rich dal, they melt into the heart of the broth, adding depth and a protein boost that takes the dish to new heights. Tossed into a vibrant curry, they soak up the aromatic sauce, becoming flavor sponges that enhance every mouthful. Even a simple stir-fry is elevated with their presence, taking on a whole new dimension of texture and taste.

Beyond versatility, Being Punjabi Soya Granules offer a guilt-free indulgence. Packed with plant-based protein and naturally gluten-free, they nourish your body without compromise. Their sustainable nature, minimal processing, and humble origins make them a conscious choice for a food-loving world.

So, embrace the sun-kissed magic of Being Punjabi Soya Granules. They are more than just an ingredient; they are a celebration of Punjabi tradition, a whisper of sunshine, and a burst of flavor that elevates every meal into a culinary adventure. With each bite, you'll experience the soul of Punjab and unleash a symphony of deliciousness.


soya granules

Taste and Flavour

Soy, tasty, meaty


100 % Natural, Vegan, Rich in protein, Hand made, home made, sun dried

How to use

1)Boil water in a pan till it bubbles up rigorously
2)Add Being Punjabi Soya Granules, cook for 5 minutes
3)Rinse it in cold water for atleast 2-3 times, strain and squeeze excess water
4)Soya Granules are ready to cook

How to Store

Keep in airtight container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and moisture


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Tickle your brain

Bean Power to the Rescue: During World War II, when meat shortages were common, soya granules became a vital protein source in many countries, earning them the nickname "meat extenders."

Beyond the Plate: Soya granules aren't just for food! They can be used to make sustainable shoe soles, furniture panels, and even bioplastics!

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Sun-kissed Punjabi Soy! Crunchy bites, fiery flavors, protein power. Elevate your classics, guilt-free! Being Punjabi Soy Granules - Taste the sunshine.

  • Vegan

  • No Palm Oil

  • No Preservative

  • Ready To Cook

  • Traditional Flavor

  • Premium Quality Ingredients

  • Hand made in small batches

  • 100% Natural

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