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Being Punjabi

Being Punjabi Urad Wadi| Homemade Punjabi Wadi | Handmade | Rich in Protein

Being Punjabi Urad Wadi| Homemade Punjabi Wadi | Handmade | Rich in Protein

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From the sun-drenched fields of Punjab, where cumin whispers in the breeze and chilies paint the air with fire, comes a culinary treasure – Being Punjabi Urad Wadi. These unassuming nuggets, woven from urad dal and dried in the sun, are a tastebud adventure crafted by generations of Punjabi hands.

Being Punjabi Urad Wadi is a symphony of textures and flavors. Using an ancestral recipe, premium hand-selected spices are added to the mixture before it is carefully hand-churned, fermented, and shaped into small dumplings that are then dried in the sun. Enjoy the traditional flavor of this lentil-based dish with Being Punjabi Urad Wadi. The dry, sun-kissed exterior gives way to a delightfully chewy heart, bursting with the earthy richness of urad dal. A chorus of spices – cumin's warmth, and chili's fiery embrace – dances on your tongue, leaving you wanting more. 

But Being Punjabi Urad Wadi are culinary chameleons, ready to transform any dish they touch. Deep-fried to golden perfection, they become party starters you can't resist, popping with flavor and waiting to be dipped in gravies or savored solo. Simmered in curries and dals, they lend their hearty texture and rich notes, thickening the broth and adding a protein punch. Ground into a fragrant spice blend, they infuse everyday meals with the soul of Punjab.

More than just delicious, Being Punjabi Urad Wadi whispers of history. Their sun-soaked nature granted them a long shelf life, a vital resource for generations past. Today, this legacy translates into guilt-free indulgence – packed with plant-based high amount of protein and gluten-free goodness, they satisfy without burden.

So, embark on a tastebud adventure with Being Punjabi Urad Wadi. Experience the warmth of Punjab, the comforting embrace of tradition, and the symphony of flavors that explodes with every chew. These humble nuggets are more than just food; they're a gateway to a culture where spices sing and every meal is a celebration. Go ahead, unravel their history, one crunchy bite at a time.


Urad Dal Flour, Asafoetida, Common Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin Powder, Red Chili Powder, Other Spices

Taste and Flavour

spongy, natural, spicy, urad dal


Vegan, High Protein, 100% Natural, handmade

How to use

1)Take Being Punjabi Urad Wadi in a pan
2)Lightly toast Being Punjabi Urad Wadi till they are golden brown (you may use a little oil)
3)Add Being Punjabi Urad Wadi to your wishful dish
Urad Wadi can be added to Tehri (pulao) or any gravy of choice. The most commonly made is Gravy Aloo Wadi

How to Store

Keep in airtight container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and moisture


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Tickle your brain

More Than a Snack: In some parts of Punjab, Urad Wadi are ground into a fragrant spice mix called "Wadiya Masala," adding a rich, earthy depth to dals and curries.

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Punjab in Every Bite! Crunchy Urad Wadi. Savory spices, golden nuggets, plant-based protein. Snack solo or dunk in delight!

  • Vegan

  • No Palm Oil

  • No Preservative

  • Ready To Cook

  • Traditional Flavor

  • Premium Quality Ingredients

  • Hand made in small batches

  • 100% Natural

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